Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tons-0-Fun Generators

I usually shy away from these kinds of sites for fear of spyware, etc, and I'm not saying that this one is totally safe. I just have no idea. But, I CAN say that it's a TON of fun.

Check the list of "Generator" sites down the left side of this blog. You know, those sites that will create (generate) a fake sign based on your text, etc. There are links to every sort of generator you can imagine, from ASCII image generators, to eye chart generators to Warning signs to... FAR too many to mention. I would suspect that this site, or some of the generator sites, will be blocked at school, but you can certainly have a BALL playing with these to make things for your own class website.

Just be forewarned - you will get lost in here. It will suck away an hour of your time before you know it. But it's so much FUN!!!

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