Saturday, January 31, 2009

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  • We dived right into the new suite and came up with 20 tips and tricks that we hope will help you enjoy all the features the new iLife '09 has to offer.

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  • Welcome to DeepDebate! We are passionate about ideas and are exploring new ways to improve online conversations. In order to do this, we've built a framework which makes it easier for a very large number of people to create a structured conversation.

    tags: debate

  • The International Education K ­ 16 website is a collaborative effort at Pennsylvania Department of Education between the Bureaus of Teaching and Learning and Community and Student Services. This website will emphasize World Languages, World Cultures, and global issues. Global Coin will provide materials and resources to students, teachers, parents and professionals. In the future Global Coin will be enhanced and expanded technologically to meet numerous educational needs

    tags: foreignlanguage

  • wonderful resources from the PA Dept of Education on the topic of Money.

    tags: finance

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