Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nigerian 419 Scam claims another - BIG TIME

Thanks to a twitter tweet from @courosa I learned of this poor soul:

John Rempel is a 22 yr old who fell BIG TIME for the Nigerian 419 scandal, losing $150,000 of his own money and that of his friends and family. He was strung along for over a year with promises of getting the money. In the end he was out the money, his friends, and members of his family.

I thought that this particular scam was so old that NOBODY believed it any more, but I was wrong. As unreal as this sounds, this kid fell hook, line, and sinker for this scam that bilks people out of millions of dollars yearly.

Computer teachers, do YOU talk to your students about Internet fraud? John's teacher didn't.


Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for those who are greedy. It was his greed that got him involved in this scam. No such thing as a 'free lunch'.

Jim Gates said...

Certainly, in light of the role that greed played in the current economic catastrophe, I would agree with you.

Still, tho', I hate to see someone get suckered like that. I think the larger point, tho', is to make SURE that we teach our students about these scams and TRY to convince them of the "no free lunch' reality.