Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Inauguration Project - I like this!!!

This just arrived today from a listserv that I'm on. I like the idea and thought maybe YOUR class would like to participate. I'm going to paste the message just as he wrote it (with his permission), rather than try to explain it. This looks very interesting, and a nice way for your class to participate in the celebration.

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Ten Springfield students who will be travelling to Washington D.C. for Inauguration Week will be commenting on the (above) blog to provide first-hand accounts of this much anticipated event. These students will interview their peers from all over the country and, conditions permitting, stream live video back from the event in Washington D.C.. This video will show a student perspective of the Inauguration and also provide a grassroots “on the ground” commentary that may not be seen on the major news networks. These student will also conduct interviews of their peers who have traveled to Washington from all over the country to witness the Inauguration. These interviews will also be streamed live and archived as well for later viewing should anyone wish to do so.

In addition to the ten students in Washington, as crew of five Government students and a group from the Broadcast Journalism and Journalism classes will take the stage at the National Constitution Center right before and right after the Inauguration Ceremony, these students will be interviewing visitors to the Constitution Center to gain their perspective on the day.

The anchor of the project is a blog which has been included in the official PA Department of Education lessons plans for Inauguration Day; our students in Washington and at the National Constitution Center will assist in facilitating the discussion on the blog. This blog will pose questions and encourage commentary from all of the schools in Pennsylvania and hopefully even further. We are hopeful that Pennsylvania's Governor and Judge Rendell (his wife) may be able to participate in our discussion with our students as well as others throughout the Commonwealth. When you go to the blog you will be able to read a blog posting that asks a questions or encourages a response, please encourage your students to comment on the posting, they could even comment on what another students has written. All comments will be approved by the Department of Education so there will be a delay before you can read them.

The Broadcast Journalism students are working to complete a set of short videos that you may use as reference materials during the week. These videos cover Science, Math, World Languages, Social Studies, and provide ties to Language Arts the videos will be archived on the internet (a link will be provided as soon as it is ready).

The only thing missing from the project right now is you!

Want to start now??? Visit the blog and comment on the our January 12th posting while you are there please take a moment to visit the blog and view a message from Judge Marjorie Rendell as well as a news story about our project

Help us make this project a success!

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