Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A (GIANT) Poem in the Desert

"neither shame, nor fear"

Those are words to this 3 km wide poem written in the sand by poet Raúl Zurita. Rather than me tell you about it, go (again) to the gearth blog and read their post about it. You can also download the .kmz file that points to it. Zoom in to see the letters more clearly.

This one reminds me of the story that coolcatteacher wrote about a short while ago about the cellist in the courtyard. When great tragedy strikes (in this case, the unchecked reign of terror of Pinochet) some people turn to the arts to either express their deep sadness or to speak out against the terror.

Share this with your favorite art teacher, or even an English teacher who teaches poetry.

I can imagine, on this inauguration day, a 3 km poem written in the sands of one of the desserts in the U.S. that reads, "FREE at Last!"


MrsE said...

Desert? You had me thinking custard pie or some such tasty repast. :-)

Jim Gates said...

OH MY!!! Thanks, MrsE. And to think, I was the best speller in my class.

I KNOW better, so there's no excuse. But thanks for the gentle correction.