Monday, January 26, 2009

cyberbullying and sexting

Many thanks to @PLN717 for sharing this on twitter today.

First of all, it's odd how these things sometimes happen. I was just talking to someone whose daughter was the victim of bullying and I know how devastating it was for both daughter and mother. So this video (youtube) is important to watch. It's from @nocyberbullies (might be a good person to follow, maybe?). The only issue I have with this is that the phtographer didn't show the slides. Those are important. Maybe someone can find where those slides are posted online.

Then, @PLN717 also posted this link which points to a VERY interesting and important pdf files about "sexting." Attention all parents of children over the age of 11: READ THAT FILE! If you don't know what sexting is then you OWE IT to yourself and your child to find out. It's illegal, and quite a dangerous practice. Here and here are two articles about the serious nature of the practice. Any old search on the web on that terms will show storiets of kids doing it and adults doing it. When kids do it the charge is trafficking in child pornography. When adults do it the charges vary but losing a job is pretty consitently a side effect when caught at work.

So, thanks again to @PLN717 and @nocyberbullies for sharing these important resources.

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Jim Gates said...

Posted from an email from @PLN717:

Yes, Jim, it is VERY important for everyone to be talking about sexting, especially since legal consequences are happening right now to what could someday be your or my child...and on their permanent record. Here's another link, "Should children be branded sex offenders..."? ( )

I also have two links to pass along to you that are FREE cyberbullying curriculums that I found for your readers to review:

(1) /


Are you saving texting while driving for a separate entry? (

And then there's this link...oh dear, I better stop for now!