Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blender does it again - Big Buck Bunny

A few summers ago I was introduced to Blender, the Open Source, 3-d animation program that is an amazing program. The first demo video that I saw was, "The Elephant's Dream." Check out some of their feature videos, too.

Now comes "Big Buck Bunny." (Go there to download a copy) It's a fun story, but I also think that it's another great example of the Open Project community. I love the idea that folks from around the world who enjoy working with the program work together to build something for the greater good of all. Does that ring a "Here Comes Everybody" bell? (Watch Clay Shirky talk about his book here.)

Anyway, see what you think about Big Buck Bunny - and The Elephant's Dream, if you've not seen that one before.

And thanks to @clifmims for sharing that finding via his diigo collection.

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