Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tabbloid - a great alternative to an aggregator

I had mentioned this neat little site (Sorry, but I've forgotten now where I first learned of it) in a previous post, but unless you read the entire post you wouldn't have seen it. (note the two b's)

Just go there and tell it the addresses of the sites that you want to follow. They have to have RSS feeds, of course, but all blogs have feeds, for example. Or, the news sites on the web have feeds for their columns and latest news, etc. So you just build a list like this one:

Then, each day you'll receive an email with a pdf attachment that is laid out like a tabloid newspaper, containing all the latest feeds from those sites. Of course, then, the length of the tabloid varies depending upon how many new posts there have been on those sites. But, it's VERY easy to read, and it includes all the pictures from the posts, as well.

I love this idea for the social studies classes who are studying current events, or for the English classes who are using blogs for their writing. They can receive a daily tabloid with a copy of every person's post.

What a cool, free service.

Here's a screenshot of a past issue.

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