Monday, December 08, 2008

A nice image search engine

Once again my PLN comes through. This time (again) from Michelle Krill who posted this link to her Diigo account and to the CFFCoaches group in Diigo.

This is just a custom search engine in Google, but it's especially nice for teachers and students who are looking for appropriate images to use in projects. It searches in,,, and others. Now, it doesn't display the images like the image search sites do, with the thumbnails, but the links are excellent.

BTW - I love the idea of making your own search engines. Science teachers could create one that searches only the top science journals and blogs. Social studies teachers.... wow... this could be great.

Better yet, have your STUDENTS get together and create one for your class.

Create your own here:


Tech Marty said...

It wish you had included the link to Michelle's custom search engine so that we could see an example of how this works. It sounds interesting, though.

Jim Gates said...

Sorry, Tech Marty. The link I pasted in there didn't turn into a link. I made it one, now, so you can truy it.

Thanks for letting me know.