Wednesday, November 05, 2008

[TIPS] World views - TODAY more than ever before

Today, possibly moreso than any other day, don’t you think it would be a GREAT lesson to have the kids read about yesterday’s election from the perspective of, say, Iran, or Iraq, or France, and ANY other country? Will Richardson ( pointed to the site (  , but it must be getting slammed, as I was unable to get in until just a minute or so ago. But, being able to read the world’s views of the election is a MUST-DO, in my opinion. With yesterday being such a milestone in our History, let’s see what the rest of the world has to say.

So, using the above site to find the country’s domains, do some advanced searching to find out what they’re saying.
Obama election -  returns Iranian sites that are discussing the election (in Google)
Obama election – returns Iraqi sites, etc

Don’t use Google? Fine. AL search engines allow for advanced searching. Try that same syntax in, for example.

Also, try going to: and using that same search technique to find news articles. But, you can then also get the rss feed for the page to continue to find other articles.

NOW is when you just CANNOT do business as usual. This is the perfect time to show the kids these skills. This is the perfect time to have them team up and research opinions of papers from the various nations and present a compare and contrast report, don’t you think? Even asking them to determine which countries they’d like to examine is a good exercise, I think. “Which countries do YOU think would be most interesting to see what they think of our election yesterday, and why?”

What a very exciting time to be a social studies teacher!!!

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