Sunday, November 02, 2008

[TIPS] More TED winners

If you’ve been a regular at reading the TED blog, or if you’ve just watched the videos that I’ve pointed to, then you’re aware that each year since 2005 TED grants a wish to three speakers from the year. These are folks with a mission in mind and TED grants them $100,000 towards that goal. A few days ago I received an email notice telling that the winners for 2009 have been chosen. If I may quote the email:
“They are:
- the woman leading the world's search for extra-terrestrial life
- the deep-sea explorer who's spent her life campaigning for the oceans
- the maestro who's transformed the lives of tens of thousands of kids... through classical music

Meet them here! (

Each wins $100,000 plus "One Wish to Change The World. No Restrictions." Their wishes will be unveiled at TED2009 on February 5th, 2009.”

While you’re there reading about the winners and their passions, check out the links on the right said that point to past winners.

(I wonder if they had a cancellation for that event and they’re trying to find someone who might want to go. Y’ think? ;-)    )

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