Thursday, November 13, 2008

[TIPS] 3D Virtual Rome

How’s this for the power of Personal Learning Networks? This morning while waiting for a meeting to start, I was invited in to a group chat in skype by a woman who was doing a workshop with some college sophomore education majors. She asked our group if they would be available to speak to this class about the need for tech integration. Several of us did. But while we were waiting, Justine Kobeski, one of the CFF TIMS reps, dropped that url into the chat.

Students can now view virtual Rome is an amazing way. As I explored it ( Open Google Earth and select "Ancient Rome 3D" in the Gallery layer) I kept thinking, “If we are teaching about Ancient Rome in our schools today, and were NOT using this tool, then isn’t that now unacceptable? Haven’t we finally gotten to the point that we can expect that this – even DEMAND it?”

Harsh words, I know. But, this is NOT business as usual in our schools. If the current global economic meltdown and the election of our new President aren’t enough to convince us then I don’t know what WOULD be enough. I’m reminded FREQUENTLY of this post by Karl Fisch: He asks, Is it okay to be technologically illiterate in today’s world?

Hmmm.... THIS post sure took an interesting turn, didn’t it? :-)

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GDhuyvetter said...

I'm having quite a bit of difficulty with this. It seems to be a memory hog, and it takes forever to load. The instructions are also neither clear nor instinctive. Am I doing something wrong?