Friday, October 24, 2008

[TIPS] uses google earth

I once read about a math lesson that went something like this:

The teacher pointed the students to a link to a kmz (google earth) file that flew them to a zoomed in view of a particular building. Of course, the view is from the very top looking straight down. It wasn’t a famous building, but a rather tall one. The test was one question: How tall is that building?

Hmmm. So how would YOU find out how tall it was? You couldn’t look it up  online because it wasn’t that famous a building. The image shows a nice sunny day and this building casting a shadow. Where do you begin? Get in a group with four others and brainstorm how you’d solve this question. (Yes, I read it on the gearthblog a year or more ago)

Well, this realworld math site just may include that lesson. It does include lessons that involve using google earth. Lessons are grouped in four major areas: Concepts, Measurements, Project-based lessons, and exploratory. There are at least four lessons in each topic – mapped to the NETS-S standards.

And don’t even THINK of telling me that google earth is blocked in your school.

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