Thursday, October 23, 2008

[TIPS] Mathway

Robin Seneta just tweeted this:

Enter a math problem and this site will solve it. Now, entering the problem isn’t foolproof, but when you get the syntax right it’s very nice. Would it be helpful for students to see this site solve problems? I think so. It’s not like they can use this on a test, so if they do use it to get their homework answers, then this shortcut will catch up with them at test time. But, the way it solves the problems is that it TALKS the user through the the steps. “First, we multiply both sides by 5 to remove the fractions” - or something like that. I HAVE to believe that if they use this site frequently that the written instructions will HAVE to help even the student who is just seeking an answer.

Do you agree?


Larry D. Williams said...

I just tried it with a calculus equation, and it gave me an incorrect answer, even though it allows for calculus problems! And, the result is wrong on a simplistic level...

Jim Gates said...

Not good, then. Thanks for letting us know.

Oh - it turns out that I had posted this to my delicious account some time ago. Just goges to show that I post 'em and forget 'em. :-)