Friday, October 03, 2008

[TIPS] The iTunes 8 visualizer - GREAT eye candy

In this blog post  I learned about a cool visualizer for iTunes that one could download. But, when I followed the link in the article it turns out that the plugin in question is ALREADY IN iTunes 8. When I saw some of the screenshots I knew I had to check it out.

Launch iTunes then press cmd-T to start the visualizer. Press cmd-F to put it in full screen mode. Then sit back and enjoy some VERY cool visuals.

The article tells of some hidden secrets to adjust the displays a bit. Like, M will cycle you through the different variations. A and S will wither Add or Subtract the little.. Thingies (I forget what he calls them) Anyway, read the article find more controls.

Yes, I KNOW this won’t do a THING to raise a single test score. It’s just cool, hypnotic visuals.

Where was this in the 60’s? ;-)

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