Tuesday, October 28, 2008

[TIPS] Headlines from ASCD Brief

If you’ve read my tips for any period of time you know that I frequently mention something that I learned in the ASCD Smartbrief that I receive daily. I’ve even encouraged you to sign up. Here’s another reason why I think it’s a great publication. Just look at some of the headlines that point to stories on the web.

Survey: Three of Four teachers require Internet-based homework (encouraging article about teachers using technology to teach)

Technology transforms how students learn about presidential elections (featuring PA’s own Kristin Hokanson)

New Jersey leaders tackle dropout rates (lots of eyes will be watching how they make out)

Ed Dept.: Transcripts should avoid mentioning student disabilities (but report cards MAY include that info)

N.J. Proficiency rates plunge after standards change - (They made the test more rigorous and –BAM! - proficiency rates fall

Students address future issues in letters to next president (getting kids to focus on the issues)

Classroom politics in Racine (mother objects to using a text that mentions Obama)

Expecting Excellence: Rigor Redefined (Rigor in a global economy. Is it different, now?)

Wouldn’t you agree that this amounts to some interesting reading? LOVE that brief!

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