Thursday, October 30, 2008

[TIPS] Great Google Docs tips

I LOVE my blogs. I learn SO much from them. Today, for example, I realized that I had lost track of Tim Lauer’s blog ( somehow, so I re-subscribed. (He’s the principal at On the first page of his posts (he does LOTS of tips) was a post that pointed me here:

In that GoogleDocs presentation were 11 tips about using the applications. I didn’t know, for example, that you could have up to 50 users in a spreadsheet at one time. Did you know that? And I didn’t know that the chat feature supported links to youtube, google video, and even flickr and picasa web albums. Try it out.

Go to the presentation about and paste in this youtube link: When you hit enter watch how it displays in the chat.  Got a flickr account? Paste in the url to an image to see how it shows up in the chat area. Very cool!

I LOVE my blogs! (I like my blogging buddies, I like them very much...)    :-)


Michelle said...

Not sure if you went to Tom Barrett's original post at . But, it's interesting to note that he used a collaborative google presentation to compile these tips. He has another for interactive white boards at . Just email him, he adds you as a collaborator and the world gets smaller.

Mr. Lauer said...

Hey Jim, Congratulation on the upcoming retirement. The work you have done on your cabin looks great.

Best of luck...

jaso dion said...

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