Wednesday, October 29, 2008

[TIPS] Dr Scott McLeod's Presentation at K12Online Conference - WATCH IT!

I just finished watching Dr Scott McLeod’s presentation at the k12online conference and I can’t seem to move fast enough to share it. It’s entitled: Leading The Change: Current Leadership Models are Inadequate for Disruptive Innovations” It’s 21 minutes long, and I truly believe it’s a presentation that every administrator should see.

He based his presentation of Dr. Clayton Christensen’s books, The Innovator’s Dilemma and Disrupting Class. Dr McLeod does an outstanding job of laying out the logic and presenting his case.

Now, some of you who know me and who have heard my occasional rants may think, “If HE likes it, then it’s got to be confrontational.” It’s NOT. He’s not saying that everything is broken and we’re doing it all wrong and it’s all your fault. Not at all. He talks about how disruptive technologies have historically functioned and how they came to take over the older models. Examples are cell phones taking over from ‘land line phones’ and cd’s taking over from cassette tapes and now mp3 players replacing the cd’s. He does a great job of explaining that, and then drawing a parallel with the disruptive innovations occurring in education.

Send this tip to every administrator you know and ask them to give you their feedback on it. Watch it for yourself, first, of course. It’s a great conversation starter. In particular, near the end of his presentation he suggests that instead of resisting change (i.e. Cyber schools, etc) we should embrace them. WHAT? I know what you’re thinking. That’s why you need to watch his presentation. It ties back to an earlier comment, “The existing educational model is not a given.” In the face of all the global changes, how can we argue that? But, there’s more. You need to watch and listen for yourself.

So, watch it for yourself and then send it to your principal, your fellow teachers, your curriculum director, and your superintendent. Wouldn’t this make an interesting discussion in a faculty meeting sometime?

Oh, and you can also download it in the original format, in ipod video format, and in audio only.

Way to go Scott!!!


Scott McLeod said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jim. HOW we move toward the disruptive innovation is important. If we only try to retrofit it into the existing situation, we're bound to fail (and be eclipsed by something and someone else). Instead, we need to create ourselves the system that eclipses us. That was the big takeaway for me from Christensen. Of course this means that our current technology integration efforts are all wrong...

Ian said...

Agreed. Dr. McLeod (I don't know if we're on a first name PLN basis) did an excellent job of explaining systematic change in a practical and easy to understand way. It really framed my thinking as I transition to administration.

Scott McLeod said...

I'm on a first name basis with everyone. I'm not very formal!