Thursday, October 30, 2008

[TIPS] Blog Action Day - missed

I had every intention to participate in Blog Action Day ( ) on October 15th. I even had the badge proudly displayed on my blog. But, CFF bootcamp sorta consumed all of my time that week and I didn’t get to write that article. It was to be an article that raised awareness of poverty issues around the world. I was planning to point to this site again - and to some of the great TED videos dealing with world poverty. Alas, I just couldn’t do it.

So, I just removed the badge from the blog.

But, the statistics are impressive of those who did participate: Over 14,000 blog posts read by almost 13.5 million people.

Remember this post that points to the “Miniature World” description: Did you watch that? Do you recall that 6% of the population (the world) own 59% of the world. And, if you keep your food a in refrigerator and your clothes in a closet and you sleep in a bed with a roof over your head – you’re wealthier than 75% of the world!

Does that little bit of perspective change your outlook of the day?

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