Saturday, September 13, 2008

[TIPS] x-prize foundation

This is such a great concept, and certainly not new. But this latest contest is for a grand prize of $25,000. All you have to do is make a two minute video and post it to youtube. Then, of course, be selected as the winner from all the entries. :-)

So what's the contest about? It's called, "What's Your Crazy Green Idea?" From the site:

The X PRIZE Foundation and Prize Capital, LLC are offering $25,000 for the best video proposing a new Energy and Environment X PRIZE. Contestants need to submit a 2-minute video via Entrants will be narrowed down to 3 finalists by the X PRIZE Foundation. Once the 3 finalists are identified, users will vote to determine the winner. The winner will be announced on in December 2008.

The winning video must answer the following three questions:
1. What is the specific prize idea?
2. What is the Grand Challenge or world-wide problem that you are trying to solve?
3. How will this prize benefit humanity?

Got some social minded gifted kids? Why not suggest this to them and let them run with it. I have a great idea - if I only had time to go out and take the video. And mix it. But it might be a great team project - even if they don't win.

I was reading an email from the LongNow group about this xprize. Now they've got what they call the Mega-xprize that gives awards in the amount of $100 Million up to $1 BILLION. How can that be, you ask? They explained it this way. The AIDS epidemic costs around $80 billion a year to combat, $800 billion per decade. Giving someone (group/company) $1 billion for finding the cure would be a great investment, wouldn't it? What about offering $1 Billion to find the best alternative fuel or the best solar charged battery, etc. A great investment, yes?

So, show this prize to your students. Maybe have your own district or county wide event. Yes? No?

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