Friday, September 26, 2008

[TIPS] webspiration

Did y'all see this:

The popular concept mapping program, Inspiration, has gone online in Webspitation. I just opened it for the first time this AM and haven't had a chance to test it with others, but this web version allows for kids to collaborate on the same document! Yes, others have been doing that, but this is especially nice since so many kids have used Inspiration in school already. Should be an easy move to this version.

I don't know how many kids can collaborate on a document at one time, or any of the other particulars. But, this is one o check out, for sure, don't you think?


Ken Pruitt said...

Hate to leave this as is but here is the multiple edit policy. Not a bad system looks like companies are learning from each other.

Multiple users can edit a document in a near-simultaneous fashion while still making sure their edits don’t conflict with one another. Users are automatically switched between “Editing,” Viewing,” and “Waiting” states. When the editing role is passed to a different user, the new editor is shown in the Current Editor display.

When multiple editors are working on a document at the same time, the Current Users dialog shows which one (and only one) is actively editing, and which ones are viewing the document or waiting for their chance to edit it. The active editor is always listed at the top of the dialog, and the “waiting” users are shown below in the order in which they’ll receive editing privileges. The editing role automatically switches to the next-in-line user when the current editor is inactive for approximately one minute. When this occurs, the new editor receives a brief notification message, and all users see a change in the Current Editor indicator.

If no one is in a waiting state and all current users are in Viewing mode, the first one who enters text or moves a diagram symbol will receive editing privileges.

Any user in editing or waiting states who clicks Release Edit Request will switch to viewer mode and leave their place in line.

Janetta Garton said...

Look great. Wonder how long it will be free.

Pat Randolph said...

I was unable to load it in FireFox, my favorite browser, but it does work in Safari. Will introduce it to my students and give it a try.

Jim Gates said...

I WAS able to use it on Firefox on my Mac. I never use Safari. You must not have a plugin, or something. Keep trying, if FF is your favorite browser.

Anonymous said...

Simultaneous edit feature is exciting. I also wonder how long it will remain free, given that Inspiration is relatively expensive. Read terms of use and noticed that children under 13 are not to use Webspiration. Do any elementary school teachers have thoughts about that?