Thursday, September 18, 2008

[TIPS] Track satellites and space debris in real time- Google Earth

If you’re a science teacher, or if you KNOW a science teacher, then send them to that post. It will direct you to download this file:

You MUST see this. Give it time to load. It loads a database that will plot the position of every known bit of space debris and satellites, both active and inactive. You won’t believe how crowded our skies are.

Then, click on an icon of a satellite and it will bring up the information about it – including whether or not it’s active. It could be just a dead hunk of metal floating around up there.

Did you read about how the space station had to side-step some space junk? Take a look at this AMAZING overlay on Google Earth and you’ll know WHY.


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Jim Gates said...

BTW - I found out about this while sitting in an Apple training for Tech Directors involved with the CFF program in PA. One of the Apple trainers showed this. VERY COOL!!!