Friday, September 05, 2008

[TIPS] Folding DNA? a TED video

By now (hopefully) you're way ahead of the TED game, and you have already seen this video. 
But, if you're new to TED and new to my tips perhaps you haven't seen the videos there. They are amazing. If you've got an aggregator, stop NOW and subscribe to the TED blog feed. ( You will NEVER be disappointed.
The above video is of Paul Rothemund talking about a new approach to DNA. Those of us over, say, 40, will remember the headlines that announced that DNA had finally been translated, and we finally knew what each piece was mapped to. Now along comes Paul Rothemund and he folds the DNA molecule and the result is... astonishing. ANYTHING is possible!
Send this to your favorite science teacher. They'll love you for it.
An update on my invitation to TED.
While I'm sure that Chris Anderson (the man behind TED)  has sent me an invitation to the 2009 TED conference (including passes to ALL of the speakers - Yes, I'm a lucky man) I've not yet received it in the mail. I've not lost hope, however. I am always waiting for it to arrive in the mail:

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Jim Gates said...

Oh... I forgot to mention one more thing. Take note of his powerpoint. Show it to your students. Where are the bullets?