Monday, September 29, 2008

[TIPS] Daniel Pink talks to students

Yes, you CAN block ustream,tv and skype in your school. But if you do you prevent things like this from happening:

Congratulations to Chris Smith and mardy McGraw for puling this off for their students.

Here, Daniel Pink visits a classroom in PA via skype and the conversation is ustreamed out for others. Hurry up, now, see if you can find two people in your district who will tell you that this is bad education. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


I didn’t think you’d find anyone. So, if it’s blocked in your school, find out WHY.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve said this before, but, “We don’t have time to waste.” We can’t lose one more day. We MUST make some radical changes in the experiences that we offer our students.  This is SUCH serious business that if you’re in a district that won’t allow things like this, then you’ve GOT to press the issue. I can’t think of a single issue (save for this disastrous economy) that is more important – making sure our students are prepared for this ENORMOUS challenge that we in this country face. To stand here in the face of all those challenges and to continue to say, “We don’t DO skype” is, in my opinion, a crime.

Good luck! Fight the good fight!

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Art Gelwicks said...

If you want to win this argument stop jumping up and down about whether you "do" something or not and show why you should be. What's the direct benefit? What's the cost? What resources does it need to happen? Speak the language of your audience rather than of the evangelists and you'll have a much greater level of success.

- This is directed at the common "you" meaning "we"...not you personally, Jim. :)

(Jeez, no wonder no one understands us.)