Sunday, August 24, 2008

[TIPS] A wonderful blog and video to see - 1st graders!

“We like our blogging buddies, we like them very much”

Stop right now and go to this post:

Two things. First, you’ll smile the entire way through this video as these young first graders rap and dance in honor of their “blogging buddies.” It’s just too cute. (That’s how I look when I try to do that rap thang. :-) )

But second, check out where their rap buddies are from. What do you think those kids think of the world now? These kids are blogging and skyping with kids from around the world. Listen to the word to this little rap they’re having such fun with. Who can argue that this isn’t great stuff? Who can argue and say that blogs and skype have no place in school? These kids were writing and talking with kids from other countries, for crying out loud! Yet, those tools are blocked in most of the districts in my own IU area. In most districts across the state, I would guess.

WAKE UP, folks! (Not YOU, the OTHER folks!) These tools aren’t evil! They are making possible the most significant change to happen to education since the chalk!

Oh, and thanks to Dean Shareski who shared this tonight (Saturday night around midnight) on Twitter.

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