Sunday, August 03, 2008

[TIPS] watch this YouTube video

Thanks again to Alec Couros for pointing us to this video:

His post is here:

This should be a MUST-SEE video for .. just about ANYONE who has even a passing interest in what's going on on the web. In this case, the man who created the video, "The Machine is Us/ing Us" gives a talk to the Library of Congress about user-created content. What's interesting is that it examines this from the anthropological perspective.

I'm going to assign it to my grad class and open a discussion forum for it.

Thanks again, Alec.

Warning: In a couple instances you'll hear the ol' F-bomb. But, don't let that chase you away.


Ken Pruitt said...

Jim, What is fascinating to me (maybe scary) is the amount of specialists that need to cover "the network" in order to figure our how it effects them. Law professors, anthropologists, marketing/advertising gurus, cultists, teachers, ect., ect. It is apparent that the internet is effecting everything and having HUGE impacts on human beings.

Can there still be an argument?

Jim Gates said...

I certainly don't think there can be an argument remaining. So, when a teacher says that he or she can't even check email, what should be done with that? It's GOT to be considered malpractice, at this point, don't you think?

JohnBr said...

This was great! It vividly portrays many of the things that Clay Shirky describes in Here Comes Everybody.

Jim Gates said...

That's the book I'm reading right now. I agree with you! It sure does.