Saturday, August 23, 2008

[TIPS] Two amazing videos to watch

The first one:

The second one:

Both of those videos show some AMAZING new video software that.. Well.. They will make it damn near impossible to be sure that you’re seeing what you think you’re seeing. In the first video, the woman is actually a computer generated woman. You won’t believe it. In the second one, watch as the computer adds tings to the images that aren’t there, and the video is still as smooth and perfectly believable as the original.

Project this out another 15 years. We won’t be able to believe ANYTHING we see. It used to be that you could only believe none of what a politician said, and only half of what you saw him/her do. Now you won’t be able to believe ANYTHING. We think political ads are nasty now, just wait until folks can manipulate videos like what you’ll see in those two videos. Wow...

Now, here’s the funny part. When I watched that second video I thought, “Oh he’s going to LOVE the other one I saw just a couple days ago. It was about this new video editing software from Microsoft...” And so I set out to find it. Then I remembered that I had starred it in my Google Reader, so I rushed over there and checked it out. THERE IT WAS! Oh... It was ANOTHER one of Alec’s posts from just a couple days before.

Do you read his blog? You should, you know. He finds some of the coolest stuff.

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