Friday, August 08, 2008

[TIPS] tweetdeck - my new twitter app

No, I am NOT switching to Plurk until everyone that I follow has disappeared from twitter. I just CAN'T be changing apps every time the wind blows in a new direction.

So, let me tell you about my new favorite twitter app. It's called tweetdeck ( and I LOVE it. It's an Adobe Air app (so yes, it's a pain to install - you must first install Adobe Air, etc etc). But, once it's installed it's configurable in lots of ways.

By default you have three columns. One for tweets from those whom you follow, a second that collects the @replies, and a third that collects the direct messages - d jgates513, for example. But, it goes further.

You can also set up a group column and have it follow the tweets from all those you enter into that group. For example, I've entered the names of the coaches in this area so I can watch their conversations. You can have multiple columns of groups, too, if you wish. Of course, you can only see about 3 at any one time without scrolling, so after a while you reach the point of diminishing returns.

But here is a great column idea. A Search column. Enter your search term, like itouch, for example, and this column collects tweets that contain that keyword - from the entire twitterverse. What a great way to find cool apps and tips about its use, etc. I've got one for the word 'mac' and another one for the word itouch. I've found two great itouch apps as a result, PLUS an excellent blog for mac tips and tricks - just from reading those two columns.

So, if you'd like to extend the use of twitter a bit, give tweetdeck a try.

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