Monday, August 18, 2008

[TIPS] Photos from Cern

Thanks to Tim Stahmer for this post: about this article:

This is a collection of photographs of the giant, rather, the "Large Hadron Collider" that sits on the boarder between Switzerland and France. It's a particle accelerator that some folks say will be the death of us all. Others hail it as a VERY important step into understanding - of everything. Regardless, however, these images are amazing.

When you look at these images, keep in mind this chilling fact: To make this work, the inside of that facility must be cooled to -271.25 C (-456.25 F)!! (Sorry for the 'chilling' pun)

Send this one off to your favorite science teacher. Surely this will find a place into a lesson this year.

Oh, and one more thing of note. At this time there are 1636 comments on that article. And I saw at least 4 different languages represented. I LOVE how this technology allows people to discuss the news, rather than to just consume it.

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James Jr said...

User participation is important.

I also recommend reading Dr. Otto Rossler's safety concerns.

"A nightmarish situation, that can still be hoped to be averted in time through communication within the scientific community, is drawn attention to. Only a few weeks remain to find out whether the danger is real or nothing but a mirage. After this time window is closed, it will take years until we know whether or not we are doomed. The story line has all the features of a best-selling novel. The reader is asked to contribute constructively."

Quote from Dr. Otto E. Rossler, a modern day Leonardo Devinche, Professor of Theoretical Biochemistry, visiting Professor of Theoretical Physics, inventor of the Rossler Attractor, founder of Endophysics, winner of the 2003 Chaos Award of the University of Liege and the 2003 Rene Descartes Award, contributor to hyper chaos, micro relativity and author of approximately 300 scientific papers.

Professor Rosslers latest interview with Alan Gillis may be found at