Monday, August 18, 2008

[TIPS] oh my... 3000 homeless kids in ONE DISTRICT?

That was twitted just now (nod to cathyjo) and I had to stop reading it. It sickened and saddened me beyond words.

Like these two paragraphs:

"You can add another casualty to the mess created by subprime mortgage lending. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are projecting the system could see more than 3,000 homeless children when schools open this month -- a 17 percent increase since June.

Laurie Schwartz, development director with A Child's Place, a nonprofit that works closely with CMS, said officials counted 2,493 homeless children enrolled in the school system two months ago. That's a 13 percent increase from June 2007, and a 35 percent increase from the June prior."

Now, I have to wonder what's wrong in this country when this doesn't get any - or certainly not ENOUGH - attention on the news. But, we DO hear that Donald Trump is going to save Ed McMahan's home from being foreclosed.

Oh my...

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