Friday, August 01, 2008

[TIPS] Now THIS is going too far...

I can't stop thinking about this. I recently heard from a person who was using the "company issued" laptop while attending a mini-conference. While at work this person is filtered from using such things as social ANYTHING sites (well, delicious is ok, but no diigo or ning, or such), personal email sites, no flickr, no twitter or plurk, etc etc. This, by the way, is a place with all adults!

But here's the killer - this person is ALSO blocked from those sites when AWAY and on another network!

What does THAT say? I'm even too angry about it to even THINK straight. This person is supposed to be a LEADER in the field of education. Yet, even when this person is away from the employer's network, the filter restricts access. What is it? Is this person not trusted? Does the network administrator, maybe, have a control issue? Is that person also making curriculum decisions for this employee?


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Lori said...

Yes, I can hear you screaming, and you have every reason to scream! We need you to speak to IT, and admin folks! They clearly don't get it!