Tuesday, August 05, 2008

[TIPS] Go!Animate

I've been seeing lots of talk about this Go! Animate site, so I went out this Am and checked it out. What fun! You've GOT to try it. My advice is to watch the demo first, but it really is quite intuitive. I made one in about ten minutes, and if you visit the blog you'll be able to see it. Go! Animate allows you to embed your work.

The ONLY thing that MAY be a problem for some is that one possible action that a character can do is to either 'give a beer' or 'take a beer.' Is that a showstopper? Gosh I hope not.

Check it out!!! http://goanimate.com. Oh, and go to my blog (http://tipline.blogspot.com) in a couple minutes and check out my goofy sample. :-)


Kurt Paccio said...

I looked at this app too. To see some examples I started to look around at the "popular" creators.

The language used in many of the animations is very problematic.

It's harder to recommend tools when you have to warn students about the content created by others.

Another good tool decimated by foul language. Darn!

JohnBr said...

This looks interesting, but seems like it might have some issues being used in the schools.

Has anyone used Scratch? It was developed by the Endless Kindergarten Group at MIT and allows users (mainly kids) to easily create animations. It has turned into a popular social networking site. Kids post new things constantly. They often then invite others to use or improve their work.

I learned about it at NECC and have been playing with it since. You can download the client and learn more at:
It's free!