Thursday, July 03, 2008

[TIPS] Will you get sued for watching youtube videos?

This was just tweeted by BudTheTeacher ( ). with another review of the ruling here:

Bottom line - YIKES!!! You'd better be careful if you watch copyrighted videos on youtube, whether directly or embedded!

I agree with the comments of the author of the first article in that SOMEONE should make sure that the judge who decides such things MUST know what an IP address is. If you do not, then you should NOT rule. The old expression comes to mind, "If you judge, investigate."

Oh my...


Mr. Goshorn said...

Maybe we should stop teaching kids to be 21st Century content producers and teach them to be lawyers so that they can crank the Giant Money Machines by suing the pants off of a generation of free-spirited 2.0'ers. Maybe we'll use this year's $45 million (according to Rendell) Classrooms For the Future funding to purchase Encyclopedias of Copyright Law or on-call attorneys for every CFF teacher. Yeesh.

Tim said...

I didn't see the part about Viacom suing the people viewing the videos but Jim's YIKES!!! is still completely appropriate.

The main point the EFF makes is that the information the judge has ordered Google to turn over could be used to individuals who use YouTube and that's bad enough.

It's also clear from the EFF article that this judge doesn't understand both the concept of digtial video and the content of federal privacy laws. Let's hope the members of the appeals court have a clue.