Thursday, July 17, 2008

[TIPS] Periodic Table of YouTube videos?

I picked this one up in the Educator's group in Diigo. It was posted by Ben W. Thanks Ben!

Would your favorite chemistry teacher enjoy having a really cool video that demonstrates each of the elements in the periodic table? They're fun, too.

Oh, and remember that sites like and will let you grab a copy for your desktop so you won't need the youtube site unblocked to see them.

Great stuff!


skambalu said...

Must pass this one on - thanks! (I visited via your link on the International Edubloggers Directory.)

Kevin said...

Today's class was a terrific opportunity to see globalization in action. The use of really shows how we can create and collaborate in a global society. I had seen a brief demonstration of in a previous class that I took here at Harrisburg University, but we were not given a chance to try any thing ourselves. It really is amazing to think of all the things that can be done. This is definitely the first thing that I am going to take back to my classroom and to other teachers at our school. To think that I really would not ever have to use a Microsoft product again is a powerful and liberating concept. One of the best things I have taken away from this class so far is the OpenSource and Free programs out there that can be used to create a variety of documents and products. Again, this is another example of globalization in action. These resources are available to all, no matter the socio-economic or cultural backgrounds of the individual. I can better understand Thomas Friedman's point of "the newfound power for individuals to collaborate and compete globally. This phenomenon is enabling, empowering, and enjoining individuals and small groups to go global so easily and so seamlessly..."