Friday, July 11, 2008

[TIPS] Google Earth Tutorial

Another blog that you should (consider to) read is the Google Earth Blog. I've mentioned it before. (  If you use Google Earth, then it's a MUST READ blog for you.

In one of today's posts I found out about a new tutorial: and a post about the new beta version of GE here: That includes an embedded youtube movie that shows some of the cool new features. I also read an article about the disappearing coral reefs with a link to a KMZ file from NOAA ( that includes all sorts of data.

Do you know a science teacher who teaches about such things? Send this link to that teacher. I'm a firm believer that Google Earth should be on the desktop of EVERY earth and space science teacher in this country. Not to mention every social studies teacher and every geography teacher...

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Anonymous said...

a great resource! Thanks, Jim. I am going to be conducting a training on this soon and your research helps!-Melissa Fedigan (Punxsy)