Tuesday, July 29, 2008

[TIPS] cyberbullying video

A cyberbullying video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbGIwCJK7FM

Here's how this came to my attention. This is a story about THAT as much as it is about this video.

A tweet appeared (from twitterfox) and I happened to catch a couple words of it. It was about a video that was being recommended. I went back into the messages and started to track it backwards. The person who recommended it said that the other person should be prepared to cry - as it gets to this person every time. So, it got me curious. Maybe it was a good video to share in a workshop. I kept reading backwards until I found the original link which was a blog post. http://thismommygig.org/2008/07/29/the-sins-of-his-father/

Now, I didn't read the entire post, because there was a link in the first paragraph to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQvk_c_LnUg. That's the one that he said to be prepared to cry about. So, of course, off I went to see it. (It didn't get to me, but I can see how it COULD get to others)

I was reading the comments underneath the video and someone mentioned that the song was also featured in a video about cyberbullying. Sooooo, off I went in search of that video. That's the link at the top.

I don't know the person who sent that tweet, but he's a teacher somewhere. He started following me, and when I saw that his posts were educational in nature I followed him back. (I don't follow folks just cuz they follow me. I have to see that their tweets are meaningful - at least SOME of the time.) The point is, while some argue that twitter has no value, I would argue that they're just following the wrong people.


TJ Shay said...

The song did not get to me as I expected it would from the recommendation. The CyberBullying video did. What an amazing piece of work. Completely captures what it must feel like and shows how what starts as a somewhat innocent comment can grow.

I plan on showing it to my night class and blogging about it on my blog.

Thanks for sharing this. What a powerful message that we ALL need to share. You are SO correct about the power of Twitter connections, it is how I found your blog!

Mrs.A said...

Here is the original site for that movie. I have used this with middle school students. There is a teachers' guide that goes with it.