Friday, July 18, 2008

[TIPS] Coveritlive now has VIDEO!

Have you seen this? Now you can bring in your ustream, Mogulus, or Qik video streams right into Coveritlive sessions!! Check out this portion of the announcement from Coveritlive that I received this morning:

Our users can now integrate LIVE video from Qik, Mogulus and uStream directly into their CoveritLive live blogs.  It is an extremely simple process (much like our existing YouTube integration) that lets our users quickly add live video content without the need to send their readers to another site or blog.  Our Support Center has a short flash movie to demonstrate how to put this exciting new feature to use.

Your live video appears in the top corner of your CovertiLive Viewer Window.  If readers want a larger view, they simply click the video and a larger sized window appears that can then be moved out of the way so they can continue to enjoy both the live blog AND the live video without ever leaving your site.

Is this too good or what???

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mrsdurff said...

Really? That's wonderful! I gotta tell everyone!