Tuesday, July 29, 2008

[TIPS] check out THIS Google Earth Interface


Oh my Im SO worried that were not even CLOSE to what we should be doing with technology in schools. Think about how many folks are content to assign PowerPoints as assignments or who believe that the ultimate in a technology lesson is a scavenger hunt. Watch that video and ask yourself the question, What else can I be doing to get my students prepared for whats coming? No, I KNOW that we cant prepare for the unknown. We cant teach them the specific skills that they will need. But, we CAN help them to use tools that are personal learning tools. We CAN help them to learn to search beyond the basic level of searching. We CAN help to excite them about the tools they now have that will let them gather, organize, and process some of the exabytes (billions of gigabytes) of new information every year. This video is showing an amazing interface with Google earth. Yet, in some of our districts Google Earth is blocked. Why isnt that criminal interference with the education of every kid in that district?

Oh my SO much work to do..

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PaulV8 said...

Awesome technology. Fun to think about how this could enhance student learning in the classroom. It would hit on multiple areas of intelligence. Thanks for your tips. I enjoy the learning.