Wednesday, June 11, 2008

[TIPS] What does this mean?

What if you worked in a school district in the US where the following were true:

1) Google Docs (and Zoho and ThinkFree, etc) all blocked - they don't permit "online storage"
2) The right mouse click was disabled on district machines
3) Wikispaces, pbwiki, wetpaint, wikipedia... wikis in general were blocked - 'You never know what someone will put on them."
4) Teachers can't override the filter to show a youtube video
5) Sites like zamzar are blocked - "online storage"??? I don't get that one
6) Sites like, flickr, delicious, ning - all blocked

(I quit looking after that)

What does this say about this school district? How do you go about changing it? Can we fault the teachers for not attending workshops designed to teach technology integration? Can we fault them for not knowing about the incredible changes that have taken place online in the last few years? Can we fault them for considering a mastery of PowerPoint to be the pinnacle of their professional growth in technology?

Attention job seekers: When interviewing for a new job, ask them about THEIR filtering policies. Remember, you're interviewing THEM, too. Could YOU work for a district like the one above?

What would you do if YOUR kids went to a school like that?

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Ken Rodoff said...

Moving is too expensive.

So, I'd switch over to AT&T, buy them (count 'em w/ me...4 of 'em) I-Phones.

Give them some mosquito tones.

Practice sleight of hand techniques.

Send them to school!