Thursday, June 19, 2008

[TIPS] Another entire three counties can't use wikis!

I'm so angry I could spit fire. In planning a workshop for a district in another Intermediate Unit nearby I'm told that all blogs and wikis are blocked - at the IU level! So are most of the other "web 2" tools that I had listed to show. This is SO outrageous that I can't even focus long enough to adequately voice my outrage and frustration. That means that the students in those three counties cannot use these tools unless they happen to stumble on them at home and have reason to use one. What a HUGE disservice this is to those 75,000 (or more) students. SOMEbody there needs to lose a job and get the heck out of the way! Is THIS the best view of 21st Century learning that they can envision? And why are the rest of the curriculum folks allowing that to happen? Who is going to step forward to challenge this nonsense?

Haven't they read "The World Is Flat?" Haven't they seen the "Shift Happens" video?



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Are you still going to present?