Tuesday, May 13, 2008

[TIPS] update on Google talk translator

I was excited to show the Google talk translator (http://tipline.blogspot.com/2008/05/tips-great-google-talk-tip.html) to the German teacher at school. She wondered aloud as to its accuracy so I decided to check it out. Here is the way the translator translated this sentence: "Soon the school year will be over and both the students and the teachers will be happy."  You can tell me how well it did with the translation.

Bald des Schuljahres wird und sowohl über die Schüler und die Lehrer werden glücklich.

She replied that it was almost gibberish. Had she not known what it was supposed to say she could not have guessed, she said.

Anyone read German? Do you agree?

Oh well, it was a great little idea while it lasted.

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mrsdurff said...

Yes, she is correct. (Some of know that language a little weensy bit)