Friday, May 09, 2008

[TIPS] Speechless

I havent been able to forget this ever since I heard it yesterday. A teacher told me that she had mailed out a technology needs survey to the teachers in her district. Her UNION PRESIDENT would only comment, We dont need more technology. Buy more books.

Ive been rendered speechless about that. Even now, the best I can say about it is, He is SO VERY MUCH in the WRONG profession.

And then I read a message from another person who said that he had just seen a teacher coloring in a map which was taped onto the face of the $6000 interactive whiteboard in the room.  Im speechless all over again.

Rally the troops weve got a LOT of work to do.


Ken Pendergrass said...

Jim- arrrgh! this kind of incompetent thinking just frys in WA state, the WEA, our teacher's union, turned down a 13.2 million dollar grant to help students in advanced placement courses because it was going to be paid directly to the teachers...have our union leaders lost touch with the classroom teachers? Here's a link to the editorial: WEA says no to 13.2 million

Jim Gates said...


What a shame. I'm hearing more andmore of that. A fired of mine wanted to retire next December, and the school board was all for it. In fact, there were 15 teachers who were going to take advantage of that. However, his own union filed a grievance AGAINST it! After 35 years of paying dues, when he wanted to go out in a situation that best suited him - and the others- the union fought against it.

Yes, I think they HAVE lost touch.

Ty Yost said...

As a PSEA and NEA member I work very hard to maintain my connections within our local. I sincerely hope that this situation has a lot more back story, otherwise its time to make some changes within that district!

I was speechless when I read that. I also feel the same way when the official position of a union is unilaterally against blogging.

Jim Gates said...
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