Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[TIPS] skpye via cell phone?

Amazing. I am sitting awaiting a webinar and someone rings me in Skype. Eric Rosendale, if You know him. If there's a cool high tech tool around he has either used it or he HAS one. :-)

He was calling from an Ice Cream store in Pittsburgh which is on that is featured in a book that this teachers are reading with their students. But, he couldn't find wi-fi access so he connected to the internet via his cell phone and then to me via skype. I had a chance to meet with the teachers briefly, but I didn't have a chance to talk more about his connection. I got the sense that his cell was tethered to the computer and was providing the internet access. He then opened skype on his mac, turned the camera on, and connected to me. He was recording the session, too, so that he could show that to the principal of their school who was the one who would not permit skype in the buildings.


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