Monday, May 12, 2008

[TIPS] GREAT Google Talk tip

Thanks to Tony Oneal for sending this to me in an email.

This is a blog I hadn't seen before, but one to which I've just subscribed. This article shows you how you can talk in any one of about 8 different languages using Google Talk. I tried it in the Google Chat that appears along with the Gmail page, and it works just fine.

Here's the bottom line. Once you add the account as he describes, you send the message to IT and it will reply with the translated version of what you just typed. Then you COPY AND PASTE that translated version into the other windows to be able to 'speak to them in that language." For instance, I typed in, "Can you read this?" and it returned, "usted puede leer esto?" Er, that means, "Can you read this", in Spanish. :-)

Try it! It seems to work VERY well. Thanks to Tony and the RecruitersLounge blog for this great tip.


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