Friday, May 02, 2008

[TIPS] google for Macs?

This is another example of the benefits of Twitter. I just logged in to Twitter for a couple of minutes tonight before I closed up shop and I saw a tweet from arthus ( ) pointing us to this site: - the Google desktop for the Mac.

I've had several notices this week of people who are following me in twitter. That's nice, and it points to how you get the most out of twitter. You learn from the company you keep. Imagine that you're in a giant room and only certain people can talk to you - those whom you follow. LOTS of other conversations are taking place around the room, but you're only hearing the conversations of your friends. Now, if your friend says hi to someone outside your circle, you can hear that "hi" but you can't hear the response. That's what it's like in twitter.

If you're only following other friends who are new to twitter, then you're likely not to get much from it. But, if you can follow others who are sharing ideas and links and thoughts, then you're growing along with them. It's all in the company you keep.

So, reach out and find those who advertise their twitter names and begin to follow them. Sure, you're going to hear someone mention that he's "hanging with friends", or "grilling steaks with friends" and other information that you coud live without. But, you'll also hear them talk about articles they've read, and sites they've tried, and conferences they're going to, and SO much more. Be patient. Lurk for a while. Then when you find your voice you'll be sharing real ideas, too. Yes, you'll likely tell us all that you're watching American Idol (sigh) but there WILL be good stuff, as well.

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