Saturday, May 24, 2008

[TIPS] gigapan - AMAZING images

This is one of the blogs in my blogroll that I read as soon as a new post appears. Andy Garwin always has some great things to share. (Remember Amanda's Story?

Anyway, Andy tells us about a new technology that we'll all be seeing soon that allows us to take gigapixel images. Er... we're now taking maybe 8 Megapixal images now. Soon - gigapixel - thousands of times richer than current images. So what, you say? Well, check out this image: Now zoom in. Go ahead. Click on a spot in the picture and zoom in. Further. Further! NOW you get the idea what the big deal is all about.

Very cool stuff. It may not raise a single test score, but it just MIGHT inspire a student to investigate this and one day become the person who comes up with the terapan! (1024 giga's) :-)

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