Friday, May 30, 2008

[TIPS] fixed the URL

Thanks to those who wrote to tell me that my tinyurl wasn't working. I forgot the .com. ARGH!!

"Are you an education blogger in Pennsylvania? If so, would you KINDLY complete this 4 question form? If you know a blogger in pa who doesn't follow MY blog, please pass this post along to them so they can complete the form, as well. 

Want to watch the list grow? Here it is embedded in a wiki:

(Note: I posted this on twitter a few minutes ago, and before I even had time to finsh the process I had one entry. Ian McCoog is #1. In less than a minute after that, I had my second entry. Amazing, this Internet stuff.)"

1 comment:

Cheryl Capozzoli said...

Jim, what a great idea!! What an excellent way to creat a list of excellent blogs!!! You da man!!!