Saturday, May 10, 2008

[TIPS] dipity timelines - and TimeTube

This post in Techcrunch ( pointed me to this site. Dipity (who said "Dipity Do?") allows you to make very interesting timelines, like this one: Notice that you can view it in List form (The Listview Tab) and you can zoom in or out. Plus, you can embed it! First stop - check it out.
Then, the part that Techcrunch REALLY pointed me to is this: Timelines made up of YouTube videos. It looks like you can embed THIS timeline, too.
Timelines just got MUCH cooler!

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Tim said...

Another really cool site for creating timelines is Mnemograph ( It's in beta (isn't every web 2.0 application in beta? :-) but it is very easy to use and can include photos from flickr, text from Wikipedia and video from YouTube.