Wednesday, May 14, 2008

[TIPS] A Darfur project

An event was held recently at Pennsylvania's Capital Rotunda to showcase student work that was created since the start of the Classrooms for the Future project. (
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Anyway, I had the chance to talk to some students who were doing projects on the topic of Genocide. Here's the project that one student created. It was interesting talking to this young person about what he learned about doing the project. Those things included the fact that there is SO MUCH MORE of that kind of horror in the world than just Darfur. And, the rest of the world has never felt horrified enough to interfere. And, they found that there seemed to be a relationship between the willingness to become involved and that nation's oil production. I wonder if that idea was put into their heads or if they "discovered" that?

Do you remember when you were 17 or 18 and you had a chance to wax philosophical about such things? Did you ever have a chance to create something for the rest of the world to see that JUST MIGHT make a difference? That's an example of how the web has changed things for the common man (or woman), eh? In the past the student would have cut out some pictures from a magazine and taped them to a piece of posterboard, it would have been tacked to a wall for a few days, then taken down and destroyed. Now, LOTS of people can see it, and they can be linked to other sites that are providing ways for folks to DO something about the problem, and you JUST MIGHT be making a difference.

Y' gotta LUV what the web is doing, don't you?

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Tom or Jonathan said...

Hi Jim, thanks for the props to my student in this blog. I would like to share the real success in this story, the student! This student asked me as CFF coach to help her create a web page for an English project. I spent approximately 5 minutes helping her create a google account, then showed her google pages only to have her say "It's just templates? This will be easy, it's like myspace". She took it from there. Two weeks later I watched her present to her class and was amazed at her choice of topic, and her use of the resource. It caught on quick and several of my English teachers are doing research web pages as primers for research papers with their students. This student work is truly the product of the student. Again, thanks for the write up.

Tom Nelson
Southern Tioga CFF Coach