Friday, May 02, 2008

[TIPS] blogging helps encourage teen writing?

or [www_eschoolnews_com]
This won't come as any surprise to those of us who have been encouraging the use of blogs for teens. So why aren't more people using them? Lots of reasons, I suppose, ranging from a fear of legal ramifications to lack of time to a lack of a clear model, and lots of reasons in between.
From the article:
Forty-seven percent of teen bloggers write outside of school for personal reasons several times a week or more, compared with 33 percent of teens without blogs. Sixty-five percent of teen bloggers believe that writing is essential to later success in life; 53 percent of non-bloggers say the same thing.
There are lots of places that offer free blogs for teachers and students. Blogger, wordpress, epals, 21classes, classblogmeister, and edublogs come to mind immediately. (I can't make them links in the webaccess for Outlook when running in Firefox. All hail Microsoft) And you won't have to look far in my blog to find pointers to some excellent work being done with blogs in the classrooms. I do hope that yo'ull give them a long hard look. Maybe start off next year with student blogs, eh? You won't be disappointed.

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